No Obstacle, No Image
An ethnographic study of an artist.

Duration: 62 minutes
Year of production: 2015
Country: Belgium
Format: HDV
Language: Dutch
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: stereo

Visual anthropologist Isabelle Makay, followed Ruben Bellinkx for three years with the camera, in the making of his video installation 'The Trophy'. She approaches the artist as an animal by mapping his behaviour from nearby. What does the artist do? What reflections and choices does he make? How does he focus on details, materials and technical problems? In short what does the artist see, smell, feel and hear while he tries to achieve his goal?
Ruben wants to visualize a trophy of a deer, but with a live deer rather than not a death one. This documentary shows the artist’s day-to-day struggles as he tries to realise his ideas.

The Trophy, 2010
Scale model

The Trophy, 2010
Building film set

Stasis 2013
Scale model

Stasis 2013
Moment during shooting

Philodendron Xanad II, 2008
Construction view
Site specific installation in private residence
Wooden plant stand with living plant

The table turning, 2006
Try-outs with different kind of tables and 4 turtles made out of clay

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